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United States Pavement Markings - FHWA MUTCD

Pavement markings are used to convey messages to roadway users. They indicate which part of the road to use, provide information about conditions ahead, and indicate where passing is allowed. Yellow lines separate traffic flowing in opposite directions. Drivers should stay to the right of yellow lines.

INDOT: Doing Business with INDOT - Indiana

References. Office of Pavement Engineering. Pipe-Backfill Calculation Software (MS Excel File) Underdrain Table (zipped MS Excel file) Pipe Material Selection Program ( Template Download Required) Pay Items List. ProjectWise Software.

INDOT: Pavement Markings - Indiana

Pavement markings include both centerline and edge-line paint striping or special markings, such as stop bars, railroad crossings and turn arrows. INDOT district crews generally repaint pavement markings between April and October. Each year, INDOT measures edge line retroreflectivity, or how much light is reflected back at the driver's eyes ...


pavement markings is provided by newly applied markings for the driver of a vehicle and to assure that the retro-reflectivity is maintained throughout the warranty period. 1.3 Newly applied pavement markings are those which have been applied between 14 to 30 days before testing and from which all excess glass spheres have been removed.

Durability and Retro-Reflectivity of Pavement Markings ...

Transportation (INDOT) repaints pavement markings at least annually. However, some states repaint pavement markings at two-year or longer cycles on certain roads. Thus, INDOT engineers would like to determine the feasibility of extending the time intervals of repainting pavement markings on at least some types of roadways. Currently, there are

Rumble Stripes and Pavement Marking Delineation

Table 5.2 INDOT pavement marking acceptance table 17 Table 5.3 MoDOT's new contract specifications 17. LIST OF FIGURES: Figure Page: Figure 1.1 Pavement marking types investigated 1. Figure 1.2 RPM types investigated 2 Figure 2.1 Map of retroreflectivity measurements and RPM investigations in Indiana 3

INDOT: Doing Business with INDOT

Markings Pavement Transverse Markings (deleted 09/04/12) Transverse Markings (rev. 07/27/99, format update only) ... INDOT ITS Cabinet Schematic (eff. 03/01/06) Cabinet Punchout Details (eff. 03/01/06) INDOT ITS Cabinet Schematic (eff. …

11 Pavement Traffic Markings - Indiana

WARRANTY FOR DURABLE PAVEMENT MARKING MATERIAL On INDOT contracts, thermoplastic, preformed plastic, and epoxy pavement marking materials are required to be warranted for 180 days following the last working day of the contract as defined in the final acceptance letter, or November 1st of the year in which the last markers

INDOT: Doing Business with INDOT

INDOT. Doing Business with INDOT. Standards & Specifications. Current: Standard Drawings. Effective on or after September 1, 2021. Standard Drawings Complete Set. Standard Drawing Index (MS-Excel, English) Effective on or after September 1, 2020. Standard Drawings Complete Set.

502-2.01(03) Materials and Application [Rev. Sept. 2015]

The pavement marking materials and applications are described on Figure . 502-2C. See the INDOT . Standard Specifications. for materials properties and application requirements during construction. The following provides additional guidance regarding the materials. 1. Paint. Paint-applied markings are less expensive than other materials.


all pavement markings shall be placed in accordance with the mutcd and nys supplement. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. general pavement marking notes: "w"=white "y"=yellow "wide"=wide pavement marking line codes may be shown on the plans. lines are the same width as wide lines. lines shall be twice as wide as normal lines on the same highway. channelizing


The following s guidelines for the application of pavement markings. provide The MUTCD provides additional guidance and illustrations for the placement of pavement markings. 76-2.01 Travelway Markings 76-2.01(01) Center Line Each INDOT-maintained highway requires a center line. Based on the highway type, the following will apply. 1.

INDOT: Doing Business with INDOT

Effective for Lettings on or after March 1, 2006. Metric Standard Drawings. Section 800: Structures

Pavement Marking Materials - Purdue University

INDOT Specification 808 Pavement Markings 808 has been re-written as a performance based specification Took effect for contracts let after 9/1/10. Performance based specifications have much fewer details/requirements as to materials and application methods INDOT specifies what we want, contractor figures out how to do it